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Prof. Dr. Stefan Rapp

Prof. Dr. Rapp started CONANTE Advanced Interface Solutions to bring innovative user interface concepts from the research labs to everyday use of appliances at home and work.

Prior to that, Prof. Dr. Rapp initiated and led research projects for Sony as a Principal Scientist, among these Sony internal projects as well as collaborations on a national and European level. He established research in the area of multimodal interfaces and automatic speech recognition of European languages. His work contributed to the speech interface of entertainment robots and game consoles. Also, he was concerned with ontology-based dynamic configuration of user interfaces from heterogeneous infrastructures.

Prof. Dr. Rapp is author or co-author of more than 30 scientific publications and 10 patents. He received a Dr. phil from the Institute of Natural Language Processing (IMS), Stuttgart University, for work on prosody and speech recognition technology.
In 1994, he graduated with a MS in computer science (Diplom-Informatiker) at Stuttgart University with excellence.