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Ubiprojection Workshop 2010

Spotlight Navigation Fascinates Researchers

The first workshop (according to the organizers) for personal projection with mobile and wearable pico projectors, Ubiprojection 2010, saw our two Spotlight Navigation prototypes much acclaimed by the emerging community. Besides the original prototype from 2003, we debuted a demonstration of Spotlight Navigation running on mobile processors as are used also in the smart phone class of cellular phones.

Pervasive 2010 17.-20.05.2010 in Helsinki

Conante Technologies LumEnActive and Spotlight Navigation demonstrated

The eigth international conference on Pervasive Computing is held in Helsinki this year. Three papers deal with LumEnActive, another one with the 'sister technology' Spotlight Navigation. All our submissions convincingly have passed the highly selective review process. Spotlight Navigation is presented at the UbiProjection Workshop that covers applications of mobile projectors. LumEnActive is presented at the Pervasive Advertising workshop, and a poster shows, how LumEnActive is used by the research project SOFIA within the 'smart city' theme. Here we explore, among other things, how digital signage with LumEnActive can be utilized to signal escape routes in case of an emergency. LumEnActive and Spotlight Navigation can also be tried hands-on by researchers visiting the demonstration session of the main conference.

Pecha Kucha Night Luminale Frankfurt


A surprisingly large audience (according to the organizers, about 500) filled the patio of the 'Oval am Basler Platz' in Frankfurt (Main), to listen to the 15 most interesting topics centered around illumination, and selected from more than 50 submissions. Dr. Rapp talked on LumEnActive in the still unusual, but mandatory for the evening, Pecha Kucha format (20 slides x 20 seconds). The talks have been presented to an audience interested in architecture and illumination as a kind of kick-off to the Luminale. Deutsches Architekturmuseum, the Luminale team around Helmut Bien, the Artemide GmbH and JAZZUNIQUE organized the event.



The Sign Design Society (SDS) and the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) organized and hosted the symposium sign09 in Vienna. Dr. Rapp showed applications of LumEnActive for 'way finding' and 'way showing'. He also demonstrated the LumEnActive system live to the attendant experts. In the rooms of the 'Wiener Werkstätten' that are so rich in history, a discussion emerged on the role LumEnActive can play for the signage of location-based information, all in a friendly and dedicated atmosphere.

Presentation of LumEnActive Foveal Displays

Heidelberg Innovation Forum, 20.10.2009

At the Heidelberg innovation forum, we presented the ability to build foveal displays (also called focus + context displays) from a LumEnActive system in combination with a stationary projector. The lightspot projected by LumEnActive thereby illuminates the vicinity of the mouse cursor in very high resolution, while the stationary projector is displaying the surroundings for easy orientation — for this, a comparably low resolution is sufficient. With this process, being inspired by the way the human eye processes visual information, high resolution content can be intuitively explored with a highly affordable setup, consisting of just two projectors. Users can simultaneously judge the overall appearance and fine local detail very easily. This property makes foveal displays especially suited for applications like investigation of aerial or satellite photography, maps and plans, urban development, mechanical or electrical construction, product presentations or knowledge dissemination in museums.

Launch on May 8th, 2008

Our projection technology LumEnActive has finally got a new home: at you can learn a lot about our innovative presentation tool, and now may even order our systems online (at least if you're in Germany - international inquiries are continued to be welcome by e-mail or phone!)

LumEnActive short listed at the 10th CyberOne

Award ceremonies on May 8th, 2008 in Esslingen

Rather offhandedly we submitted to the prestigious business plan contest CyberOne and were delighted to hear that we have been short listed.

Museum - World of Experience

LumEnActive demonstrated at the State Museum Baden-Württemberg on April 14th, 2008

We were surprised by the tremendous interest in the colloquium "Erlebniswelt Museum" (Museum - world of experience), organized by Landesstelle für Museumsbetreuung and MFG: almost 200 visitors from Baden-Württemberg's community of museum professionals found their way to the state museum Stuttgart, where they could get an update on recent developments and technologies in the area of visual computing and audio. Naturally, LumEnActive received special attention as we presented it for the first time to a broader audience of museum professionals. In case you couldn't get a hold of one of the sought-after seats in Stuttgart's Old Castle, there's our presentation slides available here. We are looking forward to the interesting projects!

Where Creativity meets Technology

on March 20th, 2007 in the representation of Baden-Württemberg to the EU in Brussels

LumEnActive has been selected among many technology solutions by the MFG Baden Württemberg (the state of Baden-Württemberg's centre of innovation and excellence for IT and media) and has been invited for presentation at the event 'Where Creativity meets Technology' in the representation of Baden-Württemberg to the EU in Brussels. Our LumEnActive technology has been viewed with growing interest by the commision's representatives for 'Future Emerging Technologies' and 'Information Society' and others.

Two CONANTE Technologies Presented at the Heidelberg Innovations Forum 2006

November 28th–29th, 2006

 EnChoi ScreenshotWe enriched the Heidelberg innovations forum also in this year with two talks about CONANTE technologies. EnChoi (our new text entry technology that makes keyboards dispensable) was presented there for the first time. EnChoi is especially suited for mobile multimedia players and personal navigation devices (PNDs).

In addition, Spotlight Navigation has been publicly presented in Germany for the first time. Our technology demonstration utilizing the handy projector prototype was well received and dominated the reporting in the local press.

Heidelberg Innovations Forum 2005: CONANTE Presents the Character Pump

"The 44 best business ideas from German IT research"

Character Pump At the Heidelberg innovations forum on November 29th and 30th, the 44 best business ideas from German IT research are presented for the first time in a compact format. As part of the section on human machine communication systems, CONANTE shows the character pump incorporating their novel text input technology for mobile terminals. We are very glad to be selected for this event taking place in one of the most beautiful historical sites in Heidelberg.

VAST 2005

On November 8th, we have presented our new presentation technology LumEnActive at the 6th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (VAST 2005). We also demonstrated our latest prototype system on this occasion to a highly interested scientific audience.

Technology Review News

featuring Haptic Chameleon concept by Conante

Read more about the Haptic Chameleon project on the TRN website. The technology was introduced to the user interface research community in April this year at the CHI 2004 conference, and then demonstrated at EuroHaptics 2004.