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Products and Services

Solving complex user interface problems

We offer a broad range of products and services to help you build better user interfaces. Through our proven expertise in advanced user interface technologies, we can contribute to your success with offerings such as:

Fully functional user interface prototypes.
Our current product portfolio includes two fully functional prototypes, one in the field of new user interfaces for mobile devices – Spotlight Navigation – and one in the field of haptic user interfaces – Haptic Chameleon.

Identify opportunities to improve existing user interfaces.
We conduct usability studies, analyze existing user interfaces, and propose innovative interface concepts based on unique and patented technology.

Demonstrate the benefits through prototypes.
We build demonstration systems based on rapid prototyping techniques, which help you to convince both customers and decision makers of the benefits offered by the technology. To that end we rely on a large toolbox of hardware and software components built over many years in the area of haptics, graphics, and speech technology.

Support the transition from technology demonstrator to product.
We support technology transfer through flexible licensing of related IPR, development support, and training of staff to exploit technology to its full potential. In addition, we can assist you in securing your own innovative user interface technologies through patents.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you in solving ever more complex user interface problems, which arise from the need to cram more and more functionality into smaller and smaller package sizes.