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Projection, motion, interaction

Use of LumEnActive in an exhibition LumEnActive is a steerable projector for distortion-free display of dynamically generated content on plane surfaces. Specialized interaction techniques and devices allow for playful, easy-to-learn navigation through large information spaces.

LumEnActive adds motion and interaction to projected presentations. The application areas for LumEnActive are many-fold.

In particular, LumEnActive is especially suited as a means for building dynamic and interactive presentations in museums, exhibitions and show rooms. Installing and maintaining LumEnActive requires very low effort, and still, LumEnActive offers a broad range of options for design including augmented and mixed reality. LumEnActive can replace print as a presentation media and thus helps reducing the costs of presentations.

Also on trade fairs, presentations based on LumEnActive will capture the attention of visitors. The moving light cones successively highlight the various exhibits on display, drawing glances onto them while showing the additional information you want to communicate.

The specialized interaction techniques coming along with LumEnActive open additional application areas for LumEnActive as a visualization device for collaboration and the exploration of extended data sets.

If you want to learn more about LumEnActive, go visit the dedicated web site (currently only available in German) or give us a call!

LumEnActive as a visualization device